Be prepared for the conference in 14 of September Conference Sessions

Fuse Time [UTC+0]Speaker Conference Talk
08:00Opening session
08:05Balakannan S.PA Survey of Open Source Internet of Things Platforms
08:20Joy DuttaIoT-Cloud Based Data Analysis and its Societal Applications 
08:45Dr. Tanmoy MaitraElGamal Cryptosystem-based Secure Authentication System for Cloud-based IoT Applications
09:45Godar IbrahimAn Energy Efficient Service Composition Mechanism Using a Hybrid Meta-heuristic Algorithm in a Mobile Cloud Environment
10:00Anton ManfredaDeveloping Smart Cities Through Citizens Participation
10:25Sarbani RoyIoT-Cloud based Framework for Smart City Applications
11:20Break (01H00)
12:20Tuyisenge Jean ClaudeDevelopment of Security Starting System for Vehicles Based on Internet of Things
12:40Vincenzo Pasquale GiofrèThe Software Architecture of A Real-Time Real-World Experiment of Adaptive Traffic Signals With Smartphone-Connected Vehicles
12:55Alaba Ayotunde FadeleIs Unified Federated Security Framework A Solution for IoT Security Challenges?
13:10Pethuru Raj ChelliahEdge AI for Industry 4.0
14:10Thibaut HeckmannForensic Investigators Facing Data Recovery From Damaged IoT After Terrorist Attacks, Air Crashes or Accidents
14:25Husam RajabEnergy-Efficient Model of LPWA-based IoT Devices
14:50Abdulrahman Al-AliSmart City Applications within the Internet of Things Context
15:45Closeing statements