Be prepared for the conference in 20 of July Conference Sessions

UTC+0Presentation Title Name
07:30Opening session Diego Nunes @ Scion conferences
07:35Nanostructured iridium catalysts with high oxygen evolution performance for PEM water electrolysis.Dr. Lifeng Liu
08:15Hydrothermally grown rutile TiO2 nanorods and its nanotubes transformation for enhanced PEC activityOshnik Maurya
08:30Double auction based electricity market for a smart societyFaizan Rasool
08:45Lignin conversion into valuable products.Thanh Khoa Phung
09:05Magnetically-actuated thermal management deviceJoana Oliveira
09:30Stable overall water splitting in an asymmetric acid/alkaline electrolyzer comprising a bipolar membrane sandwiched by bifunctional cobalt nickel phosphide nanowire electrodesJunyuan Xu
09:55High Performance Aqueous Zinc BatteriesBased on Cactus-likeCoNiP ElectrodesNan Zhang
10:20Advocacy coalitions and knowledge transfer within policy change – lesson from geothermal project in the Indonesian conservation forests.Santi Pratiwi
10:55Types of Concentration systems and solar cell in CPV Ali Ejaz
11:20Synthesis and Applications of nanoparticles based PCMs in photovoltaicFurqan Jamil
11:45Nitric acid treated graphite granular 3 d cathode for microbial electrosynthesis of valuable productsSadaf Shakeel
12:00Facile synthesis of 1, 2, 3D ZnO nanostructures using different
precursor material
Sonia Siwatch
12:20A quasi-liquid K/Na bimetallic alloy anode to achieve ultra-high rate for potassium ion batteriesZhixin Tai
12:45Environmental Impact of a Flex-Fuel Engine Using Different Ethanol - Gasoline BlendsIrenilza A. Nääs
13:00Optimization Algorithm to Obtain Ethanol from CassavaIrenilza A. Nääs
13:15Classification of intelligent urban mass transportation systemsLuiz Rodrigo Bonette
13:402D Carbides and Nitrides (MXenes) for Energy Storage and ConversionDr. Yury Gogotsi
14:30Stability of Metal Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals.Dr. Brian Korgel
15:25Food & Flora Waste to Fleet Fuel: Development and Application of F4 FrameworkMelanie Sattler
15:50Heat transfer enhancement during condensation on single tubes.Dr. Hafiz Ali
16:40Microfluidic devices for biodiesel synthesisHarrson Santana
17:05Closing StatementsDiego Nunes @ Scion conferences