Build your
Conference with us


Guidelines for applicants

We believe in the spirit of community that can bring people together for science. We also believe that science fields are so vast that it would be impossible for us, as a solo organization, to raise awareness and promotion of those amazing researches without recurring to a diverse network.

This is why we invite you to apply to be an organizer and build your own conference with us!

It’s simple. You build your own scientific board, share your connections with us for potential invited speakers and we take care of the rest: platform, video conference software, website, schedule building, support, digital marketing and, of course, the attendants.

The applicants should be groups or individuals who effectively work in the academic area and have a track-record in the topic of the conference they want to organize.

Our goal is to promote science by organizing online conferences in specific fields, and we know this comes with a lot of work and side costs. Your help will be most valued. Speak with us to know the full conditions.

No, you do not have to pay anything. This will be a shared work where your “entry-fee” will be your network and connections to potential invited speakers.

Send an e-mail to with the title tag [Be an Organizer]. We will get back to you soon enough so we can schedule a call and discuss the next steps.