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We bring the best scientists of your area to the screen. Ditch the plane, forget the high travel costs and focus on your learning experience, networking and curriculum.

Why you should Attend to Online Conferences

Beyond saving you time and money, we will help you to get in contact with real experts of your work field. Take advantage of theĀ  digital world, hear from experts about the latest discoveries of your field and publish your work to thousands of peers.

  • Networking through chat, e-mail and Q&A’s
  • Specific Scientific Talks
  • Scientists as Speakers
  • Reduced registration fees
  • Reduce travel and hotel costs
  • Save your time
  • Simplify conferences
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Find new ideas or collaborators

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What Topics we will Discuss

Scientific Perspectives on the latest trends



What are Scientist saying about the covid outbreak? Let’s hear them!

Green Energies

Green energy is the solution to meet society needs of power and keep an harmful balace in Earth.

Internet of Things

How data and real time output is a need in nowadays world organizations, from farmers to high production companies.

Additive Manufacturing

Lets talk about additive manufacting and how it changing the industry world.

Energy Harvesting

Energy harvesting, is a process that captures small amounts of energy that would otherwise be lost.

Many Others

More coming soon.

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